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Some people charged with a DUI will settle for any attorney who says they can handle the case. Although a DUI conviction may seem inevitable, especially if your chemical test revealed your blood alcohol concentration level was 0.08% or higher, a truly experienced defense lawyer will often find issues that can result in an amended charge or a dismissal. You have such a lawyer in a Highland DUI attorney whom you can call at (888) 754-9860.

What are the Stages of a DUI?

A DUI has civil and criminal components, which are separate and can be handled by your Highland DUI attorney. The different stages are:

  • The DMV hearing. You have 10 days from your arrest to request an administrative hearing or your license will be immediately suspended. Your Highland DUI attorney can challenge probable cause in stopping, detaining and arresting you and whether your BAC results were 0.08%.
  • This is scheduled soon after your arrest so you need an Highland DUI attorney to plead you not guilty and continue investigating your case.
  • Trial preparation. Your Highland DUI attorney can bring motions to contest probable cause, suppress evidence and others. At a conference with the prosecutor, your Highland DUI attorney will try to negotiate a plea arrangement.
  • If no plea agreement is reached, your Highland DUI attorney is fully prepared to take your case to trial.

Forming a Defense

A Highland DUI attorney will look at various issues in formulating a defense:

  • Rights violations. Police have to follow certain procedures in stopping and detaining, questioning and arresting you.
  • Chemical test violations. There are dozens of ways to challenge a breath or blood test that your Colton DUI lawyer can examine.
  • Inconsistencies and errors in police reports, testimony and other evidence.

Many defense attorneys overlook issues that a veteran Highland DUI lawyer will find. Because Highland DUI lawyers primarily handle drunk driving cases, they keep abreast of the laws and know what defenses can be used.

DUI Penalties

DUI sentences vary based on prior DUI convictions or if aggravating circumstances were present that your Highland DUI lawyer will advise you on. Otherwise, these penalties typically are imposed:

First DUI or DWI

The usual penalties for a first DUI or DWI are:

  1. Jail. 48 hours in jail and up to 6-months; 3-years of probation
  2. Suspension of license. Loss of driving privileges for 4 to 10-months though you may be eligible for a restricted license; if BAC testing was refused, the suspension is one year
  3. Fines: $390 with costs over $1,800
  4. DUI classes: 3-months
  5. Insurance and installation: Secure SR-1 insurance and possibly install an interlock ignition system

Second DUI or DWI

Penalties for a second DUI or DWI within 10 years of the first include:

  1. Jail. 96 hours and up to one year in county jail and 3-5 years probation
  2. Suspension of license. 2 year suspension with eligibility for restricted license unless testing was refused.
  3. Fines: $390 to $1000 but over $10,000 in costs
  4. DUI Classe 18 to 30-months
  5. Installation and insurance. SR-1 insurance and Interlock ignition system

Third DUI or DWI

Conviction of a third DUI or DWI in 10 years may include:

  1. Jail. 120 days to one year in county jail and 3-5 years probation
  2. Suspension of license. 3 years with restricted license after 12-months
  3. Fines: $390 to $1000 and other costs up to $15,000
  4. DUI classes. 30-months
  5. Installation and insurance. SR-1 insurance and interlock system

Fourth DUI or DWI

A fourth DWI or DWI could be negotiated to a misdemeanor.by your Gardena DUI lawyer. If a felony, you face:

  1. Jail. 16 months, 2 or 3 years in jail and formal probation for up to 5 years
  2. Suspension of license: 4 years
  3. Fines: Up to $5000 with associated costs of up to $18,000
  4. Habitual traffic offender status. 3 years
  5. Mandatory DUI classes. 30-months
  6. Installation and insurance. SR-1 insurance and interlock system

Commercial DUI or DWI

Commercial drivers can be convicted of a commercial DUI or DWI if their BAC is 0.04% so that their need for a Gardena DUI lawyer is imperative.

Penalties include:

  1. Jail. Same as for a motorist with a Class C license for first or multiple DUI or DWI offenses
  2. Driver’s license suspension.
  • Loss of commercial driver’s license for one year, regardless of the vehicle you were driving
  • Life-time suspension for a second conviction
  • Your Class C license is also affected
  1. Fines. From $390 to $1000
  2. DUI Classes. Same as for other offenders
  3. Insurance and installation. Possible securing of SR-1 insurance and installation of an interlock system

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